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Does Michael Jackson’s Ghost Haunt the Family Home? La Toya Says Yes

For Real, You Guys: The First Time I Saw A Ghost (Yep, I Said The FIRST Time)

A first time experience!

Because My House is Haunted…

A Little Tour in Yellow

Spooky NightI’m convinced my place is haunted.  No real big deal there and I don’t mean to sound all cavalier and cool about it but no big deal there.  Most places where I have taken up residence for more than a few months comes around to being haunted.  Usually it is just bump in the night kind of stuff, but I’m sure it is only a matter of time until I finally catch one of the little buggers in the other room nibbling on a doughnut.

Oh, how badly I miss my cat.  Klick Klack Kitty Cat feared nothing, except lightning and loud noises.  In fact, Klick Klack would get ornery an hour before a storm, giving that glaring “if you don’t do something I am not going to be happy” look I knew only too well.  But it took only one nearby lightning strike and an explosion of thunder and…

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The Ghost That Lives With Us



(Encounter # 1) I posted about a ghost that has been haunting the house a while back. Let me go over and refresh a couple of things about this ghost. At first it was haunting outside the house. When we first moved in we didn’t have any furniture and we only had one neighbor on the whole block. We only had an air mattress to sleep on. My husband didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with all the lights off since it was our first day sleeping in the house. I on the other hand did not mind. So I left the lights on for him. Around 3am we started to hear footsteps and leaves crunch right outside our window. At first we thought it was our neighbors so I texted her and she said it wasn’t them. I fell back asleep and ten minutes later we heard it again. I woke…

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Ghost Adventures

Sadly, I must admit that I, too, am Addicted to Ghost Adventures…

Scarlett's Sanity



So i’m addicted to a show called ‘Ghost Adventures’ which is an American ghost hunting program which is just so fascinating to me for some reason. Basically, all that happens is; Zak Bagans (Above) travels to paranormal locations and gets locked down from dusk until dawn. He is joined by his fellow investigators Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, who both make the show so worth while. Zak Bagans is the macho man of the group, he’s a muscly, confident man who wears tight tops and saves dogs – what more can you want? Nick is great, however he’s my least favorite but he does have some good qualities. Aaron is my second favorite, being the immense joker of the group. He seems to be the most down to earth member of the Ghost Adventures Crew being more active on twitter and instagram with his fans than Zak or Nick…

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Is New Renaissance Bookstore Haunted?

Portland, Oregon!

Stories of Not Being Afraid of Ghosts


New Renaissance  is a wonderful New Age bookstore and gift shop in NW Portland. You can find all kinds of great things there – from sage bundles for smudging to Christian literature to Tarot decks to clothing. It’s one of our favorite places to go when we are on that side of town. It also happens to be about a block away from a most excellent sushi restaurant.

We’ve visited several times now and every time I walk into the place I am sure of one thing – New Renaissance is haunted.

Now one would think that a place like this – which gets a lot of traffic from mediums, tarot readers, witches and other folk who are more aware of the spiritual realm than most – would have some kind of reputation by now. But I haven’t found any mention of spirits residing there. Yet every time we…

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The face looking back at me at Howard Street Cemetery

Some neat musings about cemetaries in Salem!

Random Indites !

A novice's try at writing


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