Is New Renaissance Bookstore Haunted?

Portland, Oregon!

Stories of Not Being Afraid of Ghosts


New Renaissance  is a wonderful New Age bookstore and gift shop in NW Portland. You can find all kinds of great things there – from sage bundles for smudging to Christian literature to Tarot decks to clothing. It’s one of our favorite places to go when we are on that side of town. It also happens to be about a block away from a most excellent sushi restaurant.

We’ve visited several times now and every time I walk into the place I am sure of one thing – New Renaissance is haunted.

Now one would think that a place like this – which gets a lot of traffic from mediums, tarot readers, witches and other folk who are more aware of the spiritual realm than most – would have some kind of reputation by now. But I haven’t found any mention of spirits residing there. Yet every time we…

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