My name is Thornie, and I am currently an undergrad student at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, studying history, sociology, ethnography, archaeology, mythology, folklore, creative writing, travel writing, investigational reporting, tourism and industry, videography, feildwork reporting, paranormal studies as well as a few other subjects. More specifically, I have created this blog as a means to document, compile, reflect, and interact with the public, as a partnership  documentation method for a parent program which I am currently involved with entitled “America Abroad”. My own personal research project, entitled “The 6 most haunted”, is a game show(esque) type query into the most haunted cities in the United States, eventually culminating in the winning city after eliminating 5 of the 6  for the prestigious title of “Most Haunted city in the United States” for the remaining city.

I will be utilizing a muriad of media techniques to complete my research, from soliciting public opinion, researching the history and culturally relevant elements of many U.S. cities and their paranormal activities, interviewing locals from many U.S. cities on video and in text and publishing these interviews, providing relevant images of my own aquisition and found online and in historical texts (bibliographies included in all media works), videos from varying sources such as television shows and private footage, literature and whatever else I can find. Hang on America…

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